Personal Data

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Personal Data

Birthday: November 29th, 1992 |

Place of birth and residence: Munich | Driving license: Class B |

Car: no |

Model since: June 2018


Eye color: dark brown |

Hair: Sidecut, dark brown, shoulder length |

Tattoos: none |

Piercings: none |


Scar under the chin,

Pigment disorder under the left breast

Body measurements

Height: 1.66 m |

Chest 81 cm - Waist 65 cm - Hips 91 cm |

Weight: 50 kg

Shoe size: 38 - 39 | BH: 75B |

Clothing size: 34/36

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5 things


What are the 5 characteristics that make me special?

1. active

    (always learn, experiment, try new things, I'm a doer!)

2. professional

    (honest, reliable, uncomplicated, responsible, independent)

3. determined

    (passionate, ambitious, hardworking)

4. intelligent

    (... and I know how to use my head ;P)

5. warmly

    (empathetic, courteous, polite)

5 things I can do:

1. Be creative (drawing, painting, face painting, handicrafts, sewing, ...)

2. Gardening

3. Dealing with children

4. Listen and I remember it too ;)

5. Give people advice

5 things I can't do:

1. Wait ..............

2. Play musical instruments

3. Drive rollerblades

4. Watch idly

5. Watch sports on TV (yawn .... I'd rather do it myself!)

5 things I like to do:

1. Sport (fitness, dancing, swimming, cycling)

2. Enjoy nature & the sun

3. Play PS4

4. Party

5. Get to know people

5 things I don't like doing at all:

1. Wash dishes

2. Get up early

3. Walking through crowds

4. Have uncertainty

5. Drive slowly in the left lane .....-.-

5 things I like:

1. Sun

2. Techno

3. Harmony

4. Order & structure

5. New

5 things I don't like:

1. Unreliability

2. Sneaky people

3. Disrespect / ruthlessness

4. Monotony,

5. Arrogance / arrogance

5 things people appreciate about me:

1. Quote from girlfriend:

"[...] because you don't judge the others and are always open. You listen first and can understand everyone, you already have experience and your own opinion and can be a good example for the people you inspire."

2. Quote brother:

If you were woken up in the middle of the night, you could "[...] defuse an emergency situation and everyone would know what to do when you spoke."

3. Quote friend:

You can "spread a good mood."

4. Quote photographer Klaus Burkardt:

"I can highly recommend Vanessa to you.
She is an absolute professional model. No matter what
want to implement with her.
She does it. "

5. Quote photographer Marcus Tullius:

"Thank you dear Vanessa. It was a great shoot with you. From the planning, which was easy, to the great implementation. Thank you also for the reliability, punctuality and creativity. Simply great. Unfortunately, you rarely meet."

5 things that bother people about me:

1. My direct way.

2. That I am often more successful than yourself.

3. That they often have to admit that I'm right ... hehe ....

4. That I have clear boundaries and structures.

5. That I have very little time.

5 goals I have:

1. Job:

- Do my "modeling thing" as a self-employed person and don't let me stop you.

- Pull up my second pillar next to modeling.

- Do a job as a pastry chef.

2. Private:

- Only have people around me who I love and who love me.

- My husband will suit me and we won't give up just because a little storm is coming.

3. Financial:

- I go to work in the future because I enjoy it, not because I have to!

4.Home & car:

- This will be my car - one way or another : click here

- And my house will look something like this: click here

- Of course I will settle on my dream island; P

5. Orphanage:

- My dream is to have children around me.

- That's why - of course not far from my home - there is an orphanage with 20 children.

I will treat them as if they were my own children! <3



I turned my biography into short videos! Here you can see them and learn the most important things about me: D



and answers

what you wish for birthday?
would you give up modeling for your family or friend?

It depends on the reason.

If it is an elementary reason, such as nursing care in the family or the like, then yes.

If it's a secondary reason, such as jealousy or pride, then no.

And everyone around me knows that.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

What I enjoy most is that I get around. I see a lot of exciting and beautiful places that I would never see otherwise.

I also like to put myself in other roles and like to see myself in beautiful photos - who isn't? :)

How did you come to be a model?

My friend at the time had asked for a picture of me to hang on the wall. So I arranged a shoot with a photographer to shoot this picture.

The said photographer found me so talented that he said: "You are very talented, but unfortunately too small to work with me. But there are enough other areas, such as lingerie or nudes, in which the minimum body size below try it out! "

So I talked to my ex-boyfriend about it and after he told me to try it out, I just did it!

How was it for you when you first modeled nudes?

Of course it took getting used to standing naked in front of the camera and especially in front of the photographers, but personally I also like to go to the sauna and walk around naked at home.

In addition, my first shoot was only in lingerie, which is why I didn't need much courage to finally shoot nudes.

In the meantime, I honestly prefer to shoot lingerie and nudes rather than fashion. I feel more comfortable naked than being dressed.

Isn't it strange to stand naked in front of a photographer?

It really depends on the photographer!

I feel most comfortable when the photographer speaks to me, shows me the photos in between and makes clear to me with short statements whether the pose looks good or not.

Of course I'm not allowed to be hungry and above all I can't be cold! ; P

But there are definitely photographers that I don't want to stand naked against.

Unfortunately - who would have thought - there are many grabbers or clippers even among photographers.

Have you had any bad experiences with photographers?

Yes! Thankfully, not many. Nothing serious has ever happened to me during a shoot.

I only had 2 pussy clippers that didn't want to let go. It's good that I know what I want and what I don't and that I'm confident enough to communicate that.

I also had a grabber who wanted to fill me up and several who wanted to sleep with me, but I was able to prevent everything.

What criteria do you use to select your photographers?

A lot of my gut feeling. So far, my stomach has always been right.

Otherwise there are 2 other points that I always check:

1. Does the photographer respond to my wishes or is he only interested in his advantage and blocks completely?

2. What facial expressions do the models have in his photos? Do you look satisfied, come out of yourself and do you have the charisma of trusting the photographer?

Do models sleep with their photographers?

What I saw: yes, definitely.

Am I sleeping with my photographers? No.

Can one get to know you?

Of course, but that doesn't mean that I'm easy to get around or interested in whatever.

Why do not you write back?

Because I don't have the time or the desire for small talk, sex talk and unimportant chats.

If you have something important to say or make a serious shooting request, I will of course answer! ;)

how many chat requests do you get every day?

about 30 on average. Of these, 2 requests may be important.

What were the craziest requests you got?

7. A politician asked me if I want to take the key to his chastity belt.

6. A Turkish professional football player wanted my boyfriend and I at the time to have sex and to watch them live. Then he would have turned the game. So he wanted sex with me and my friend should watch. When I refused, he asked if I just wanted gang bang ....


5. A policeman wanted to be my sex slave.

4. A guy wanted to buy my worn underwear. For € 50, but with evidence fiests and masturbation video.

3. A woman from Miami wants me to shoot porn for Russian clubs. At first she offered me $ 20,000 for 10 porn. It's now $ 40,000 for 10 porn. Or $ 6000 for 10 days of fun with me ........

2. At the beginning of my modeling career, a male model wrote to me to shoot with me. However, he wanted him to be allowed to cum on me during the shoot and pictures should be taken of it. But, I wouldn't have to touch his penis ......

1. One guy wanted to be my money slave, which means that I use it as a toilet and treat it disrespectfully and receive money and gifts from it.


But there is always something new. ;)

Wish shooting?
  • Bathtub shoot: bubble bath, colors, cherries, coffee beans, cocoa on the body & milk in the tub

  • Mountain shoot: happy to act on the summit

  • Body painting: War paint / painting matched to elaborate backgrounds (chameleon camouflage) ........ and what other ideas you have: D

  • Boat shoot

  • Color bombs

  • Colored lights at night: reflections in water, glasses or windows, colorful pictures with atmosphere / romance

  • Vehicles: motorcycles, cars, .... etc.

  • Finger colors: white on the skin, with bright colors make a huge mess ...... hahaha

  • Films: hang up the film and wrap it around the body or suck it in with your mouth and create creepy pictures

  • French woman shoot: big hat, cigarette holder, lipstick, long gloves, tight dress, high boots, macarons, sitting in a cafe ... or something like that;)

  • g / g

  • Grain field

  • Scary shootings: But please not these pictures with glued wounds, but pictures with a creepy mood, light / shadow play, strange perspectives, dark rooms, foggy forests / fields / lakes ..... etc.

  • Indian shooting: (but can still wait until I have long hair again)

  • Confectionery shoot;)

  • Lighthouse in the background

  • Lost Places - Shootings always happy: D

  • Balloons

  • Flour shoot

  • Night shoot: city, starry sky or mysteriously by the lake or similar

  • Rakotzbrücke / Rhododendronpark Kromlau

  • Rain shoot (summer rain)

  • Umbrella shoot

  • mud fight

  • Soap bubbles

  • Quarry / caves

  • Beach shoot

  • Sweets Shooting: donuts, jelly beans, lollipops, ice cream, chocolate sauce, sugar sprinkles .......... etc. like cute, but also sexy to provocative

  • Animal shooting: but rather in the exciting direction: snakes, bumblebees, wolves, ...... but also like: puppies, kittens and mice;)

  • Cake battle