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Personal Data

Birthday: November 29th, 1992 |

Place of birth and residence: Munich | Driving license: Class B |

Car: no |

Model since: June 2018


Eye color: dark brown  |  

Hair: sidecut, dark brown, colored white-grey, long   |  

Tattoos: none   |  

Piercings: none  |  


scar under chin,

Pigment disorder under the left breast

body measurements

Height: 1.66 m |

Chest 81 cm - Waist 65 cm - Hips 91 cm |

Weight: 50 kg

Shoe size: 38 - 39 | BH: 75B |

Clothing size: 34/36




5 things

5 Dinge

5 characteristics that describe me: 

1. authentic

2. reliable


3. professional


4. open to new things


5. purposeful


5 things I can do:

1. Craftsmanship 

2. Creativity


3. Dealing with children 


4. Listening


5. Giving advice


5 things I like to do:

1. Sport 

2. Enjoying nature & the sun 

3. Gardening

4. Shooting

5. Meet new people

5 things I like:

1. Sun

2. Tech


3. Harmony


4. Structure, but also variety


5. Chocolate

5 things people appreciate about me:

1. Quote girlfriend:

"[...]because you don't judge others and are always open. You listen first and can understand everyone, you already have experience and your own opinion and can be a good role model for the people you inspire."

2.Quote brother:

If you were woken up in the middle of the night, you could "[...] defuse an emergency situation and everyone would know what to do once you spoke."

3. Quote friend:

You're good at "spreading a good mood."

4. Quote photographer Klaus Burkardt:

"I can highly recommend Vanessa to you.
She is an absolute professional model. No matter what you
want to implement with her.
She does it."

5. Quote photographer Marcus Tullius:

"Thank you dear Vanessa. It was a great shoot with you. From the planning, which went smoothly to the great execution. Thank you very much for the reliability, punctuality and creativity. Simply great. Unfortunately, you rarely meet."

5 Characteristics that Do NOT describe me

1. artificial

2. easy


3. boring


4. narrow-minded


5. lazy


5 things i can'T Do:

1. Wait........

2. Play musical instruments

3. Ride roller blades


4. Stand by and do nothing


5. Watch sports on TV (I prefer to do it myself!)

5 things I do not like to do:

1. Wash dishes

2. Get up early


3. Walking through crowds


4. Having uncertainty


5. Drive slowly in the left lane.....-.-

5 things i DO not like:

1. Unreliability 

2. Insidious people


3. Disrespect/Inconsideration 


4. Monotony


5. Haughtiness/arrogance

5 things that bother people about me:

1. My direct way

2. My success

3. That I'm often right... hehe ;P

4. My clear boundaries

5. That I have little time



I turned my biography into short videos! Here you can see them and learn the most important things about me :D